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Outstanding Performance

Outstanding 95.5% AFUE efficiency (RGF-9-P, RGF-9-E)

96% AFUE 2-stage models (RGF29-E)
95% AFUE 1-stage models (RGF19-E)

Count on the whisper quiet performance of the Guardian® gas furnaces to come through for you. You’ll save energy even on the coldest days thanks to efficiency levels up to 96% AFUE — delivering exceptional fuel savings as much as 40% over older furnaces.

Solid 80% AFUE performance (RGF1L-E, RGF2L-E)

Or choose the solid value of the Guardian® 80% AFUE models. They fit naturally vented homes with a chimney and trim heating bills nearly 25% compared to older gas furnaces.

Compact Design

Big performance in a small 33-inch size is a perfect fit for any application.

Reliable Primary Heat Exchanger

The aluminized tubular steel design provides maximum efficiency, superior corrosion resistance and long-term dependability.

Low Operating Sound Levels

Quiet operation minimizes operating noise in your living space.

Durable Design

Heavy-gauge, pre-painted galvanized sheet metal is folded and flattened for superior cabinet strength and also eliminates all sharp edges.

Advanced Controls

The integrated control module ensures reliable and safe operation while increasing fuel efficiency.

Offered in 60-120 BTU, 96% AFUE models (RFG29-E); 40–120 BTU, 95% AFUE models (RGF19-E); and 80% AFUE models (RGF1L-E, RGF2L-E)


Outstanding limited warranty:

Lifetime Heat Exchanger on 95% AFUE and 96% AFUE models, 20-Year Heat Exchanger on 80% AFUE models and 10-Year Parts*.
Lifetime Heat Exchanger on 95.5% AFUE model 20-Year Heat Exchanger on 80% AFUE model 10-Year Parts

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* For 10-year parts and lifetime heat exchanger limited warranties, system must be registered online within 90 days of installation. If not registered within 90 days, the parts warranty reverts to a 5-year limited warranty and the heat exchanger warranty reverts to a 20-year limited warranty.

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