One Unit Outdoors Saves Space Indoors.

13 SEER Cooling and 80% AFUE Operation

Cooling only (PCE6, PCE4) and heat pump (PHE6, PHE4) units,
plus gas or electric heat AC and heat pump models (PCG6, PHG6, PCG4, PHG4)

It’s a winning combination: electric cooling and heat pump units, plus efficient gas or electric heating models in one single Guardian® packaged design. By moving heating and cooling functions outdoors, you save space while feeling comfortable indoors. Combined with proven spark ignition and multi-port in-shot burners, you get a safe and sure solution for all season comfort.

High-Efficiency Coil

Copper tube and aluminum fins improve efficiency and lower operating costs. Coils are protected by a reliable dual coil guard system and are tincoated.

Unique Coil Design

Features rifled copper tubing and enhanced aluminum fin construction for maximum heat transfer and efficiency.

Tubular Aluminized Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

Efficiently transfers heat, resists corrosion and extends system life.

Efficient 81% AFUE, 14-16 SEER and up to 8.2 HSPF operation

Save energy by selecting an efficient model that meets the latest energy requirements.

Outstanding limited warranty:

Lifetime Heat Exchanger/10-Year Compressor/10-Year Parts*.
Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty 10-Year Compressor Limited Warranty 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty

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*Electric/Electric Air Conditioning models (1 Phase): 10-Year Compressor, 10-Year Electric Heat, 10-Year Parts warranty; (3 Phase): 5-Year Compressor, 5-Year Electric Heat. Electric/Electric Heat Pump models (1 Phase): 10-Year Compressor, 10-Year Parts warranty; (3 Phase): 5-Year Compressor. Gas/Electric models (1 Phase): Lifetime Heat Exchanger, 10-Year Compressor, 10-Year Parts warranty; (3 Phase): 20-Year Heat Exchanger, 5-Year Compressor.
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